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Revesby Estate Venison Hot Pot Soup


Feed 4


Ingredients for soup

500g venison mince

125g Smokey lardons (or bacon)

1 pack of casserole mixed veg - chopped

(Carrots, leeks, suede, red onion and potato)

2 cloves garlic - chopped

500ml good quality veg stock

1 bouquet garni (thyme, rosemary, bay leaf)


Ingredients for smoked poacher toasts

4 slices of chunky bread

Horse radish sauce

100g smoked poached cheese - grated


Place a large soup pan on a medium heat, spritz in a little rapeseed oil and add your venison mince. 


Sauté the venison to render down for roughly 8 mins until it gains some colour and sizzles. Next stir in the smoked bacon lardons and sauté for a further 5 mins. Stir all the time to ensure it doesn’t stick. 


Stir in the mixed chopped veg and garlic and cook through. Season well with salt and pepper. 

Pour in veg stock and add bouquet garni 


Bring pot to boil, lower heat and simmer gently. Add Pearl barley and simmer until Pearl barley is soft. Roughly 20 mins - until veg is soft. 


Whilst the soup is simmering, prepare you toast by slathering each piece of chunky bread with a generous spoonful of horse radish sauce and top with the grated poached. Place in the overnight or under a grill for roughly 7 mins or until the cheese it bubbly. 


Serve in large bowl and lay the toast on top for serving.

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